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Lynrud International The Largest Supplier of Industrial Equipment and Precision Machining

Lynrud International strives to achieve business success and earning a reputation of being a trusted and reliable business partner and solution provider in the Mining and Metals Processing industry, Power Generation, Engineering industry, Construction industry, Manufacturing industry, and agriculture industry. We are a broad based supplier of FMCG, Engineering, Construction, Transportation, Agricultural products and services categorized as follows

Precision Engineering

Power Transmissions: We supply a wide range of Power Transmissions. Tools and instruments for the Mining Industry. Metals Processing Industry. Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Agricultural Industry.



Hydraulic Equipment: We supply a wide range of Hydraulic Equipment. Tools and instrument that uses uses pressurized fluid. To perform machine operations Mining Industry. Metals Processing Industry. Engineering, Construction …


Pneumatic Equipment: We supply a wide range of Pneumatic Equipment. Tools and instruments that make use of compressed air for the Mining Industry. Metal Processing Industry. Engineering, Manufacturing and Agricultural Industry.


Our range of Safety Equipment includes: Safety Light Barriers, Light Curtains, Safety Laser Scanners, Safety Switches, Proximity Sensors, Locking Devices, Safety Relays, Safety Fence System, Safety Exhaust Valve CAT 3 and Safety Exhaust Valve CAT 4.


Instrumentation Products Include: Flow Meters, Gauges, Sight, Gauges, Level, Temperature Transducers Transmitters, Thermometers, Pressure Transducers Transmitters. Temperature Sensors. Pressure Sensors. Vacuum Switch. Level Switch. Level Sensors. Differential Switch.

Applications And Industries We Serve

We Are Dedicated To Delivering products And Services That Meet The Needs Of Our Customers!



Packaging Industry including Pill Packaging. Blister Packs and Corrugated Boxes.

Food Industry

Food Industry including Liquid Filling. Food Pressing. Food Conveyors. Beverage Dispensing and Dough Mixers.


Plastic Industry

Plastic Processing Industry including Clamping of Mold. Screw Rotation. Nozzle Approach and Oil Filtration.


Metals Industry

Metal Processing Industry including Coil, Round Bar Handling. Conveyors, Presses and Forging Equipment.